Six Ways Reboot Plus has Helped Me Solidify My Future Plans

How I discovered Reboot Plus

My high school teacher signed me up for this program. I had a spare block, and she thought it would be a good idea for me to use my time exploring life after graduation. It has helped because I’ve gotten connections to computer software engineering and IT programming professionals and have been able to interview them about their roles. 

How Reboot Plus Operates

The program started with some fun opening exercises where students could meet each other and create a safe space. The teachers keep us engaged. It’s a different type of class than what I’m used to. I’m required to do a final project, but I can do it in a way that works for me. At the end of this, I will have a 3-year plan and a direction of where I am going after I graduate. I won’t be wondering if I am going to university, or if I’m going to get a job, or how I’m going to get a job. 

How Informational Interviews Work

When we started learning about informational interviews we participated as a class in giving them. Everyone took turns asking questions of a professional in the IT Department at Douglas College. He joked with us, and it was fun. He was easy to talk to and ask questions of; we almost forgot he was a working professional. After this, we started doing our own informational interviews. 

It’s a little nerve-wracking, sometimes, to talk to people who are in high positions in their careers. I feel like I need to make it worth their time, knowing that I’m taking time out of their so they can answer my questions I about their career. I spend a lot of time working out what questions I want to ask. 

What I’ve Learned from Informational Interviews

I really enjoy the informational interview because I’m not being put on the spot; instead, I’m the one asking the questions. The professionals are taking the time to answer and share ideas about their profession. I’m learning about them, their life, and their path while they’re learning about the demographic of the population that will be entering the workforce soon. I really enjoy hearing how people end up in their current role. I love learning what connections they had to make to get into their profession. 

I have found that many professionals are just ordinary people working in a great career. Their journey is a story in itself. I had the chance to meet a supervisor with a license to operate plasma cutting and plasma operated machinery. This is a hard license to obtain! It’s dangerous work. This professional initially wanted to be a mechanic! I find it interesting to learn what people thought they would do and then what they’re actually doing. 

How I Chose my Future Path

When I came into the program, I was considering computer sciences as my career. I had previously spent some time in a baking program, and concluded that, while I love baking, this will be my hobby. I find that I am drawn much more to the Computer Sciences and I plan to pursue either Software Engineering, or IT Engineering. I need to do more research in both areas. Regardless of my path, I want to get into research and development. I want to find ways to streamline software so it’s not so buggy, and maybe be a part of that piece of software that’s coming out. 

I have another interview lined up with a graphic designer and, while she’s not in my chosen profession, I am looking forward to hearing about her journey. She works in animation. She helped out on the Hedgehog movie, so it should be fun to hear her story. 

What Other Students Should Know About this Program

They give out snacks in class. Our instructors often bring cookies and brownies to participating students. If this isn’t incentive, I don’t know what is. Show up to class, and get food. It’s great!