Reboot Plus is Expanding Education in Surrey High-schools

Reboot Plus, a program is designed to re-engage youth, who are not finished or not on track to graduate from high school, in their education and career development. This program aims to re-engage at-risk youth in education and career development by providing them training and exposure to both post-secondary education and to the world of work.  Employment is not the outcome of this program; rather, hope-centred career development. Our research is examining what the scalability of this program might look like. How might we port this program to another community, province, or region?

Bringing the Program to Education in Surrey High-schools

In partnership through Douglas College Training Group and PEERs Employment & Education Resources with the Burnaby Board of Trade, this program is funded as a labour market research initiative by the Future Skills Centre. The findings will inform government, labour and educational institutes on broader adoption of novel approaches to training and skills development. We are excited to be working with the Surrey Schools and the Surrey Board of Trade to pilot this expansion.

Helping Those at Risk of Not Graduating from High School

The program targets students at risk of not graduating from high school in the Lower Mainland. To recruit these students, the program reaches out to high school teachers who had relationships with these students. The intention of the program is to reengage youth with the idea of pursuing what they would like to do for work down the road to connect them back to their education.

Providing Students Hope-Centred Career Development

Select students entering the program will be provided training in career development, resume and job search portfolio development, and networking, presentation skills and practice. Once they have engaged in these requirements, students schedule 4 – 7 informational interviews with professionals in their chosen areas of interest. In doing so, students should realize the start-up story is a universal one, and there is no linear path to a career outcome. Students also spend time at Douglas College to offer a glimpse into life beyond the walls of a high school; this gives them a chance to envision a world beyond their experiences.

How can Professional Community Members Help?

Employers, participating in this program, have been surprised by the in-depth questions they are asked during an informational interview. This introspection gives them a chance to reflect on their own life journey and share the highs and the lows. They share memories of when they were young and fresh, and wanted to develop into their field: the challenges they faced, the educational requirements, and the self-marketing required to break into their career. They have reported that they see the potential in this population of people who are underrepresented and what they will bring to their careers and workplaces.

If you’re a business professional who can give 30-60 minutes of time to this program, we would love to connect with you. Please connect with the Burnaby Board of Trade, or the Surrey Board of Trade for any questions or to volunteer to participate!

*Future Skills Centre is investing almost $1 million in the innovative Reboot Plus for youth 17 to 24 who have not finished or are not on track to graduate high school.