Reboot Plus: A Fresh Alternative For Youth

Kari and Coreen work with youth in the Reboot Plus Program Once students have made the choice to enter the program, these two guide youth through a transformation in their mindset to keep them on track to graduate. They meet students where they are and provide the capacity to help them see their own value and grow towards a meaningful future.

“We work hard to build connections with the students. A lot of our students have a difficult time trusting adults, so we try to make the classroom a safe community to share in. We have students create a ‘Classroom Agreement’ at the start of the program which puts them in control of their experience here.

How Do Students Get Here?

The typical education system is not working for these students. Many of them find motivation to be lacking and procrastination to be prevalent. Once they do attend and do the work, they really find value in learning about themselves. We approach things from a hope-centred perspective. This student-centred and compassionate approach to learning appears to reach most of these students.

These students have just as much potential as anyone. They are gifted with resilience and strength. Their aspirations are as valuable as anyone’s. They have faced many challenges, with more challenges on the horizon, so we cannot give up on any of them. Our hope might be what drives them to move forward; they desire a career and fulfilling life just as much as anyone else.

A Week at a Glance

Through the flexibility of the Facilitators, we can mold the program to each student to encourage completion. Participants can move through the program in a way that works best for them. Each week students attend an in-person or online class, attend a Zoom check in meeting with a one of us, work independently on assignments and self-assessments, and attend informational interviews that are scheduled for them. The value of informational interviews is insurmountable. The excitement from both the students and the professionals to take part in these is beautiful.  They both learn so much from each other through this process and it really is an eye opener on both sides.

Standout Moments

  • One of our Indigenous students knew, at 17, that she wanted to help those within her community by becoming a peace officer or police officer. She felt her role as an Indigenous woman would bring value to the police force.  An informational interview with an RCMP Detective strengthened her resolve.
  • A student was exploring careers in both fashion designer and law. After she interviewed a Lawyer, she immediately requested to be removed from the list for all other lawyers to interview.  She then interviewed a Fashion Designer for Zara from Brazil.  She is now taking art courses that are a pre-requisite for a Fashion Design program.
  • One student would miss classes after staying up all night. Rather than criticize him, we asked what we could do to make this program work for him. After finding a solution, he returned to the program and completed it. He is now on our Youth Advisory Board having become an ally of this program.

Moving Forward

We knew this would be a good program for youth. We have now altered our thoughts to this being a spectacular program.  To see these students grow in confidence and determination in such a short period of time tells us that this program needs to continue after the research is complete.  To see the warmth and kindness the professionals bring to the interviews has also shown us how beneficial it is for the professionals.  We would like to see this model expand throughout BC and Canada. We have been able to reach 3 communities in the short time this program has been running; this speaks volumes to its potential.”

Offered in partnership through Douglas College Training Group and PEERs Employment & Education Resources with the Burnaby Board of Trade, this innovative program aims to re-engage at-risk youth in education and career development by providing them training and exposure to both post-secondary education and to the world of work.  The program is funded as a labour market research initiative by the Future Skills Centre. The findings will inform government, labour and educational institutes on broader adoption of novel approaches to training and skills development.

If you’re a business professional who is able to give 30-60 minutes of your time to this program, we would love to connect with you. Please connect with the Burnaby Board of Trade for any questions or to volunteer to participate!

Jocelyn Huber
P: (604) 412-0100

Le projet Reboot Plus est financé par le Centre des Compétences futures du gouvernement du Canada


The Reboot Plus project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre.

Le projet Reboot Plus est financé par le Centre des Compétences futures du gouvernement du Canada