A Chamber CEO’s Perspective on Reboot Plus Program

Nurturing Connections Between Students and Businesses

“In my role as the CEO of our local chamber, fostering connections between the business People leaning over a tablet in a meetingcommunity and the upcoming generation is at the forefront of our organization’s mission. The Reboot Plus program serves as a crucial link, acting as a concierge point to seamlessly connect students and youth with businesses.” Cory Redekop is the CEO of the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce. He has worked with the Reboot Plus program since inception and is a strong supporter.

Hands-On Engagement: Beyond Promotion

“Our involvement with Reboot Plus goes beyond mere promotion; it’s a hands-on experience. From showcasing career paths in hairstyling, mechanics, and welding, our engagement has been active and meaningful. This commitment stems from our early connection with the program through my role at the Burnaby Board of Trade. Witnessing the program’s evolution has been a rewarding experience that I am excited to share.”

Professionalism and Strategic Clarity: The Reboot Plus Advantage

“What sets Reboot Plus apart is its professionalism, thoughtful approach, and clear understanding of its objectives. Unlike other programs that may lack strategic planning or effective execution, Reboot Plus has excelled in both. The program’s success is evident not only in its positive impact locally but also in its expansion to three provinces, showcasing its replicability.”

People sitting around a boardroom table.Time Challenges: Aligning with Busy Schedules

“One of the challenges we face is fitting the program into the busy schedules of business owners and professionals. Time is a precious resource, and Reboot Plus has been mindful of this, making concerted efforts to align with the needs of our community. Despite challenges, the program has successfully expanded its reach, bridging the gap between industries and students.”

Addressing Workforce Shortages: Aligning with Economic A woman standing in front of a railing.Development Goals

“Reboot Plus seamlessly integrates into our economic development goals, addressing the pressing issue of workforce shortages. In the Lower Mainland alone, a shortage of 83,000 labourers looms over the next decade. The program effectively taps into a pool of potential workers – students seeking direction and purpose – aligning with the needs of our business community.”

Financial Support: A Crucial Partnership

“Financial support has played a crucial role in our collaboration with Reboot Plus. As a non-profit organization, our ability to allocate resources and manpower to such initiatives is limited. The financial contribution has been instrumental, allowing us to dedicate staff to the program, support networking efforts, attend events, and create marketing materials.” 

Effective Collaboration: Streamlining Information Flow

“In a landscape with numerous non-profit organizations, effective collaboration is essential. Reboot Plus stood out due to its proactive approach in providing usable content, logos, and specific skill requests. This hands-on collaboration ensured that we had the necessary information to support the program while allowing the project team to take the lead in executing their vision.”

Reboot Plus – A Transformative Force

“Reboot Plus has been a transformative force in our community, successfully bridging the gap between education and industry. Its thoughtful approach, clear objectives, and effective execution have made it a standout program in our extensive Chamber network. As we continue to navigate the challenges of workforce shortages, Reboot Plus serves as a beacon of success and a model for effective collaboration between non-profits and impactful community programs.”

With funding from the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre, we are examining whether a hope-centred education and career development program can help youth find their purpose.

Le projet Reboot Plus est financé par le Centre des Compétences futures du gouvernement du Canada