A Student’s Self-Discovery Journey in the Reboot Plus Program

I started the Reboot Plus program in January. I was wrapping up my last semester of high school and had no idea what my future direction looked like. I thought I would simply graduate and figure out next steps at a later point. I am happy that I was in the program to push myself to think about my future more deeply before graduating. I learned a lot about myself and my capabilities.

I Found My Passions

Before the program, I didn’t really feel that I had a passion towards any particular area. During the program, I did a lot of self assessment to learn about myself, my values, and my interests. A lot of this work was done on paper. This allowed me to look at patterns to help me find my passions and interests.

I Leaned On Others

As I learned more about myself, discovered that there are areas that excite me. Specifically, I am very interested in the sciences, and I love to cook. Once I narrowed down my ideas, I was connected to professionals in a variety of careers specific to these areas. I was able to ask my own questions about their career and their journey through informational interviews. Each conversation I had provided me nuggets of information and inspiration. I appreciated the humanness of these experiences.

I Discovered My Self Worth

It was cool to interview people and learn about their life and their journey and how they came to their current career. I came to realize that if these people can do this, so can I. I discovered that I am worthy of making a career out of something I enjoy. This experience gave me confidence to ask deeper questions and to be open to asking for help in my own journey.

I Can Determine My Own Timeline

I would like to go to college. High school was not the best experience for me, but I hear that college is a very different experience. I love learning and I am excited to see how these environments are different. I plan to take the next year off. I am going to work, save up some money, and explore my options a little more before diving into post-secondary. I now realize that it doesn’t really matter when I figure out what I want to do. Things can shift and change as I move through life.

My Future is Bright

 I am really grateful that I was in this program so I could push myself to think about my future more deeply, and learn that I don’t need to rush into my decision. I think that many students could benefit from this type of programming. The opportunity that I had to talk to professionals who share the same interests was amazing. It pushed me to know myself better and it gave others a chance to share their passions with me. I feel more confident about my future than I thought possible. I am excited and ready.