4 Ways Burnaby Schools Are Helping Students Reengage in Their Future

How Reboot Plus and the Burnaby School District’s partnership benefits by giving Help for high-school students in Burnaby

The Learning Pathways Programs offered through the Burnaby School District provides various educational alternatives for students who have struggled in mainstream schools. Kyle Warner is a Counsellor at the Youth Hub: “We often learn that their school disengagement is linked to a myriad of challenges: mental health, low income, a history of trauma, substance abuse, or peer conflict.” “In order to reconnect students with their learning, we need to make them feel that they are safe and their voices are heard,” continues Rowena Chatrath, an educator at Royal Oak Secondary.

  1. Targeting Students Identified as Unlikely to Graduate

The Burnaby School District partnered with Reboot Plus to recruit students identified by teachers and counsellors as unlikely to graduate and works to reengage them in education and skills development by supporting them to explore their interests and abilities and matching careers. Chatrath takes students through the Reboot Plus website then connects them with Coreen Spring, facilitator of the program. “Coreen is extremely welcoming and accommodating to our students; especially the students who have no idea what their future holds. She and her staff bend over backwards to engage with our students and take extra steps to work with a student’s preferred schedule. They really care about the students and their success,” she expands.

  1. Providing Students a Glimpse of Post-Secondary Life

Students enrolled in the program become students at Douglas College (they receive student cards and have full access to the college). “We have found that attending Douglas College with other young people introduces our students to the college experience and makes their educational path seem more tangible,” says Warner. “Moreover, the career planning involved in Reboot Plus motivates our students by providing a step-by-step goal to work towards.”

  1. Connecting Students to Themselves and Like-Minded Professionals

The program provides specific training and skills development through workshops and classroom activities. “Students get in touch with themselves, their personalities, goals, values, and uniqueness to better understand what motivates them to succeed, with focus on career paths and choices available,” says Sally Vanin. Students are then matched up with four to seven professionals working in careers of interest for informational interviews. Asking their own questions about a chosen career helps them solidify their career directions and helps them build new relationships and networks.

  1. Building a Goal-Centred Plan for the Future

“One of our students that attended the Reboot Plus program this year came out with renewed focus, optimism, and enthusiasm,” says Warner. “They never felt like college was for them and had no plans of going. After Reboot Plus, they had a list of potential post-secondary programs of interest along with a plan of action.” “Another student had a vague idea of what they wanted to do after graduation and came out with a thorough 5-year plan. They were confident in themselves and their direction,” adds Eryn Hart, Counsellor at Learning Pathways.

“Reboot Plus is a win-win for our students,” says Warner. “Our students have praised Reboot Plus staff for their flexibility, dedication, understanding, and willingness to meet their individual needs.” The personalized program “helps address the transition from high school to the adult world,” continues Hart. “Students come out of the program with a tangible plan A, B, and C, for their next steps.”